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Why Packaging is Very Important for Your Brand

Do you remember waiting for the mailman after ordering a package as a child? The excitement of receiving a shipment in the mail is certainly nostalgic, and it’s one of the reasons why brand packaging is very important.

For eCommerce brands, the goal is to evoke the same excitement amongst your target audience. Ideally, they should look forward to receiving a package that represents your brand. Therefore, you should strive to achieve careful presentation and packing. We provide spectacular stock and custom packaging solutions to help elevate your brand.

With that said, here is why the packaging of your products matter.

Elevate Your Brand

Even after a customer has purchased one of your products, the work doesn’t stop there. You’ll still need to woo them to effectively build your brand and a loyal fanbase. How you present and package your products can be altered to produce amazing results. As an internet retailer, it’s essential to pay attention to boosting the user experience of every person who interacts with your brand.

Don’t just throw your products in a package and ship them. Instead, take the time to model your packages and elevate your business. Per a recent survey, 11% of consumers are satisfied with the state of packaging today.

Now, that gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this lack of satisfaction to further your brand. By paying more attention to your packaging, your products can look the part in a saturated eCommerce market, and your prospects will love you for it.

Receive More Exposure

Not too long ago, people weren’t used to buying online products. Granted, people then made online purchases for things they couldn’t buy locally. Nonetheless, eCommerce barely scratched the surface then.

Times have massively changed. Nowadays, people willingly buy anything online, even groceries and cars. Anything you can name, it’s available online. U.S. eCommerce sales totaled $287 billion in 2015.

Other countries aren’t too far behind the United States. China received $247 billion in sales, the United Kingdom amassed near $67 million, and Japan received $76 million.

eCommerce is a growing trend in the world, and there are not tons of major players crowding the market. Recent market research predicts global eCommerce sales to reach 6.5 trillion in U.S. dollars by 2022.

The rise of the eCommerce market makes it important for brands to improve their visibility. For new customers, the package they receive will give them a first look into your product. This presents a great opportunity to build more brand trust.

Captivate New Customers With Elegant Presentation

The envelope or box is the first thing most people notice first when a shipment arrives. eCommerce giant, Amazon, uses basic packaging, but the recognizable branded packaging tape is too familiar to ignore.

While the basic brown box may be typical, the recipient will automatically know where it came from. Sometimes, brands like to leverage more flash and style to their packaging. For example, Walmart will showcase its name across the side of their packaging in bright colors.

Enhancing your packaging can help add a layer of intrigue – maybe neighbors will wonder what’s inside of a visible package. Merchants need to pay special attention to how they advertise their brand on the packaging.

It would be a costly mistake to create an overly-attractive package that’s in danger of being swiped by a neighbor or a thief. Therefore, don’t just focus on improving the outside look of the package. Focus also on decorating the inside of the package.

Even today, unpacking materials can have an immense social impact. People always take to social media to express their joy of opening their package. You can leverage this excitement to generate visibility and consumer reviews.

According to a packaging study conducted by DotCom in 2015, 39% of respondents posted a video or picture of their favorite brand on social media, and 60% of them said that they would likely share an image of a product if it was wrapped in exquisite packaging.

Are you now convinced to enhance the packaging of your products? People enjoy getting gifts in the mail, so enhanced packaging makes them feel special. Add extras to your packaging, such as multi-colored wrapping paper or even a personalized card.

You can even invest in custom wood packaging the customer can keep even after unwrapping their product. Even if you run a tight ship, doing simple things will make your customer feel special and come back for more.

If you can excite potential customers, they’ll be more willing to document their experiences on their social media networks. You may even get lucky and have your unboxing video published on YouTube.

This has become a reality in recent years, especially in the age of YouTubers and other social media influencers. YouTube videos with the keyword “unboxing” have increased substantially by 871% since 2010.

One company that is featured in a lot of online unboxing videos is Apple. You can type in “iPhone unboxing” and more than four million results will show up on both Google and YouTube. This can be attributed to Apple’s stylish iPhone packaging that’s easy to gift wrap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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