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Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products has quickly become a leader in custom packaging solutions & supplies with a focus to meet the individual demands of each customer. We are your one stop shop to help your business increase packaging efficiency, productivity & move your company forward.

Your . Is With Advanced

Do you find yourself having to rush to order packaging at the last minute to avoid running out of material? Let us help!

Your time is better spent doing more important things, so let us come in and set up VMI. Running out of material or ordering too much will become a problem of the past! We custom create every VMI program to each individual customer need. You will have the proper level of material maintained at all times.

Increase your production output and add savings to the bottom line by allowing us to ship your packaging pre-assembled, kitted, and ready to pack! Whether it is a full kit that includes the pallet, box, inserts, and dunnage, or just a simple polybag with paper instructions packed inside-we’ve got you covered.

In-House Metal Fabrication/Repair facilities in both Greenville, SC and North Charleston, SC. Established partner fabrication facilities throughout the United States

Our Rack Repair programs offer both on-site repair at the OEM’s and Tier 1’s and in-house repair at our Greenville, SC and North Charleston, SC facilities. We also offer mobile repair if necessary.

From the structural design perspective, the packaging for your product should be created around four basic criteria:

Our team of in-house packaging scientists and design engineers has the education, training, and experience to guide you to the proper packaging solution that will satisfy these four criteria. In addition to these basic guidelines, our team also encourages all customers to choose earth-friendly packaging options when possible.

We currently use these design programs:

3D Programs


2D Programs


We also offer certified ISTA and ASTM lab testing and reporting with industry leading technicians

Your company may only have one or two packaging engineers on staff or may not have any packaging engineers at all.  Regardless, chances are no one is spending the appropriate amount of time ensuring the packaging materials and procedures being used are the best and most economical for the job.  

We Can Help!

Whether it is a long term company-wide project or a simple one design evaluation our team can evaluate, engineer and implement the proper design and supply the materials necessary. 

The way the world shops is evolving, and so is the way companies get products to their consumers. Packaging materials and systems are at the core of this evolution. It is vital to have the proper packaging systems in place combined with the best materials available. Branding is just as critical, and goes hand-in-hand with the packaging materials selected.

Advanced Packaging stays on the leading edge of this emerging market and has all the tools and expertise to take your product from the production floor to the end user via any distribution channel necessary.

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