Advanced Packaging

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Do you find yourself having to rush to order packaging at the last minute to avoid running out of material? Let us help!

Your time is better spent doing more important things, so let us come in and set up VMI. Running out of material or ordering too much will become a problem of the past! We custom create every VMI program to each individual customer need. You will have the proper level of material maintained at all times.

How Vendor Managed Inventory Works

What is vendor managed inventory? Essentially, it is allowing a supplier to optimize the inventory of another entity. There are many benefits to VMI that can help your business thrive.

At the goods’ manufacturing level, VMI helps prevent overflowing warehouses or shortages, as well as costly labor, purchasing and accounting. With VMI, businesses maintain a proper inventory, and optimized inventory leads to easy access and fast processing with reduced labor costs.

When to Use Vendor Managed Inventory

Ideally, the sooner, the better.  If you find your business selling products and have to restock frequently, it might be time to consider VMI. Contact us at INFO@ADVANCEDPCKG.COM to find out more.