Advanced Packaging

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellent Service

Humble Beginnings

Those of us at Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products have come a long way in ten years.  Starting from a desire to provide the most well designed packaging-concepts at affordable prices, that notion has continued to grow along with our business.  From the beginning, we have been focused on creating a work environment our employees can thrive in, so they can better serve our customers. In ten short years we have gone from operating out of a residence to multiple warehouse locations that ship internationally.  In the last two years, we’ve grown 16 percent, opened a new warehouse and increased the size of our skilled labor shops.  Even after all the hurdles thrown at us, we came out on top and plan on keeping up this amazing momentum.

Sink or Swim

There are over 32 million businesses in the US and distinguishing yourself among them is no easy task.  Unfortunately, over 90 percent of them fail within their first year and only 33 percent of them survive ten years.  Additionally, of that 33 percent, only 4.5 percent do more than $5 million a year in sales.  We are proud to count ourselves among that 4.5 percent.  We attribute that to our dedicated sales team ensuring all our client’s needs are met, going above and beyond to design products to their specifications, on time, every time.  This lead us to our mission statement: It is the mission of Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products to provide its customers with the expertise, knowledge and products needed to optimize their packaging systems.

Making it past those initial years didn’t prepare anyone for the “price apocalypse” of 2020-2021.  Amidst price surges affecting nearly every industry, businesses were under an immense “sink or swim” pressure.  Buckling down and following our business philosophy “…to be ethical, honest and hard working so our reputation will always be respected in the industry” helped us stay profitable while weathering the storm.  After finding safe harbor, we were back to setting a course for bigger and better things.

What’s in Store

After 10 years, we’ve learned to keep looking ahead for innovative packaging materials and processes to keep our customers on the cutting edge.  Taking on new clients, fine tuning our departments and implementing new software solutions are just a few of our steps to becoming a bigger player in the shipping and packaging industry.  We’re constantly increasing the number of products available for online purchase in our eCommerce store and creating new functionality for website subscribers.   Not only are we creating functionality for our users on,  but we also provide options to integrate processes with client websites and eCommerce solutions like Shopify.

Going forward, our goal is simple.  To continue putting our customers first with top notch service and products for another 10 years and beyond.

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