Advanced Packaging


Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products, Inc has thousands of items in stock ready to ship.  We are ready to supply you with boxes, tapes, stretch films, and many other products.

No matter the product, Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products can custom design and supply any packaging material for your specific need. See below list of some of the many materials we can engineer and design to fit your products. 

Advanced Packaging has packaging equipment for any need or project.  Whether you are in the market for entry level equipment or a fully customized packaging line, we can help.

Returnable racks and bulk bins are being used by more companies to move products from their vendors to the assembly lines.  This can greatly reduce the amount of waste because of the ability to reuse the racks and bins for many years.  Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products, Inc can help you from the initial designs to the production racks.

Material Handling is becoming ever more crucial to the order fulfillment process.  If your company has a need for a few simple stock carts to help with picking efficiency or if you need our engineering and design team to create a custom cart around your order picking process, Advanced Packaging is the partner for the job. 

Having a packaging supplier that realizes the pallet is also part of packaging prevents you from having two suppliers when one will do. This is why Advanced Packaging is a full-service wood packaging provider.  From pallets and crates to blocking and bracing lumber, we can supply every need both small and large.  With a woodshop located in Greenville, SC, and wood packaging partners all over the nation there is NO job we cannot support.  

Stop Rust and Corrosion at the Source

Your metal product is important, so protect it with Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI). VpCI is scientifically engineered to prevent your product from rust or corrosion during shipping or storing, saving your company millions of dollars in the process. No matter how big or small your product – we’ve got you covered.