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Carton Sealers (also called Case Sealers) come in both Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic options.  Whether you need to tape the same size box repeatedly and utilize a Uniform Case Sealer, have an array of different box sizes and utilize a Random Case Sealer, or you have a custom need and require for a system designed exactly for your need, Advanced Packaging Solutions & Products, Inc. can help you find the right equipment for your need.  If your organization is taping 300 or more shipping boxes at any given station, then it is time for you to invest in a carton sealer to improve your output efficiency!
Uniform Case Sealer will allow you to set the machine at desired heights and widths within a range to accommodate the box size you are needing to tape.  If you need to begin taping a different box size, you would then change your height and width adjustments to fit that box.  This system is perfect if you are constantly taping the same boxes over and over.

Uniform Carton Sealer

Random Case Sealer will self adjust to the size of the box that is coming through the machine as it arrives using sensor technology.  This type of system is necessary if you are packaging and taping different but similar box sizes at any given time.

Random Cart Sealer

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