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6 X 5 X 4" Corrugated Boxes (Quantity:25/Bndl)


6 X 5 X 4″ 32 ECT Corrugated RSC
(Quantity: 25/Bndl)
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Our 6 X 5 X 4″ corrugated shipping box (or corrugated shipping container) offers the best durability at the best prices.  Our corrugated moving boxes are perfect for every move.  Corrugated boxes (or corrugated fiberboard) is comprised of a heavy paper medium, which is the wavy fluted inner material, and layers of linerboard glued to either side.  The linerboard is the flat outer surface.  Both the fluted medium and the linerboard are made of a heavy duty paper called containerboard.  The strength of a corrugated box will vary depending on the different combinations of mediums and linerboards.

(A) Single Face: One layer of flat linerboard glued to one corrugated medium which is exposed.
(B) Single Wall: Two sheets of linerboard glued to each side of one corrugated medium. Also known as doubleface.
(C) Double Wall: Three sheets of linerboard with two layers of corrugated mediums in between.
(D) Triple Wall: Four sheets of linerboard with three layers of corrugated mediums in between.

RSC is an acronym that stands for regular slotted container. This type of shipping box, which is the most common style used for moving boxes, has four flaps that meet and can be taped closed. An RSC box is the most popular type of cardboard box and is used for shipping many products. It is available in numerous sizes, so you can choose the right size for your product.  Most shipping boxes and/or moving boxes can be produced as either an RSC, or FOL (Full Overlapping).

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)

Corrugated shipping boxes / moving boxes are most often identified by one of two means of compliance test methods.  The Edge Crush Test (ECT) or the Mullen Bursting Test .  These tests certify that the box can withstand the stated pressure in either (lbs/in) for ECT or (lbs/sq. in.) for Mullen Grade.  Corrugated moving boxes / shipping boxes can be specified by their construction (single face, singlewalldoublewall, triplewall etc.), flute size, burst strength, and edge crush strength.

RSC – 6 X 5 X 4″ (6X5X4) Corrugated Box
32 ECT C Flute (ECT = Edge Crush Test)
RSC = Regular Slotted Container
Order Quantity: 25/Bndl
Weight: 0.163 lbs per box
Freight Class: 110
NMFC Code: 29275
Ships Via: Any

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Weight 0.163 lbs
Dimensions 11.375 × 9.625 × 0.313 in

6 X 5 X 4" Corrugated Boxes (Quantity:25/Bndl)

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