Packaging Trends

Packaging engineers should always be aware of the new trends in packaging.  There are many publications and trade shows that can assist with the new trends in design and testing.  The changes in testing methods is a often overlooked.  This is an area that if it is understood can save a company costs in the purchase price of packaging and the cost of damaged goods.

There have been significant improvements in the way you can test your product.  Now a company can research their own distribution cycle.  A package can be developed according to the findings.  The one size test fits all no longer exists.  It is important to take advantage of these advances to ensure the product is packaged in the most efficient method.

At Advanced Packaging we pride ourselves on staying knowledgeable of these trends. We then use our knowledge to develop the best designs for our customers.  The world is constantly changing and it is important to follow all of the packaging trends to remain competitive.