Packaging for Start Ups and New Product Launch

Don't make the fatal mistake....

A common mistake that I see taking place more common than not when it comes to new companies or existing companies launching new products, is not getting expert packaging design and hard packaging costs for budgets before the process is in the last hour. Time and time again I have companies come to me wanting help with their packaging when they have already begin to talk pricing with their customers. That’s fine if you are experienced enough in the packaging industry to foresee what those costs may be but most are not. Just recently, I worked with a gentleman who had actually already landed a deal with a major retail chain that would have made him a very substantial amount of money but had to back out because he had already spent is packaging budget on the cheapest packaging he could find then realizing it was useless when the retailer told him the packaging must be a sealed clam-shell blister package. He had bought thousands of flat cold seal packages that were no good to him anymore. Once he got pricing on the correct type of packaging he realized the price he had negotiated was too low and had to back out of the deal.

Always seek expert packaging guidance in the beginning of a project! You may save yourself a lot of time and money!!!

If you need help you with your packaging project, visit us today at We can help you with everything from packaging design to providing you with packaging material pricing, supply you the products and help you with the logistics of getting your packaging to your product and your product to your customer.

On the other hand, it is refreshing to deal with companies who do take the proper measures at the appropriate stage and so I have to give the latest company credit and a plug here on our blog.

Nice Job Babee Talk!
Babee Talk ( – a soon to launch company who makes eco-friendly crib bedding/clothing/toys for babies.