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Improve Efficiency and Decrease Packaging Costs

As experts within the packaging industry, Advanced Packaging has developed a process of increasing a company’s packaging efficiency and lowering packaging cost through several steps.

  • Introduction & Preliminary Project Discussion

    This is the initial meeting in which our team will meet with your leadership group to introduce our company and how we can help. We can then go as far as to begin discussing the parameters of one or more of your most imminent packaging needs.

  • Packaging Audit & Project Identification

    This step consists of a thorough walk-through at your facility to evaluate your current packaging system and its material usage. Here we will identify cost saving project ideas as we see how your products are produced and handled during all phases of manufacturing and shipping.

  • Project Development

    During this phase we will take what we learned about your needs and put our expertise to work. We will find the best possible solutions, materials and equipment needed to optimize your packaging system. We will then use our AutoCAD software to present our ideas in exact fashion until we agree on a workable design. Once this is accomplished, we will put together a proposal including cost analysis to review with you.

  • Implementation

    After the proposal is accepted we will assist your company in putting the new material or system in place. We will provide prototypes for approval and will work with your management and engineers to provide the smoothest implementation possible.